Autism research and care at CHOP

Autism is a complex, lifelong neurodevelopmental condition. An estimated 1 in 44 children has a diagnosis of autism, 20 times more than those identified in the past generation. All autistic individuals have different strengths and support needs, and co-occurring diagnoses are common in this population, including intellectual disability, epilepsy, sleep disorders, gastrointestinal problems, anxiety and depression. Across the autism spectrum, a child’s support needs often change as they progress from childhood, through adolescence, and into adulthood, making comprehensive and patient-centered care an imperative for these patients and their families.

All proceeds from the 2023 Carousel Ball will benefit autism research and care at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. CHOP has one of the largest, most comprehensive autism programs in the country, conducting nearly 20,000 visits with autistic children and youth each year.

CHOP has pioneered cutting-edge innovations that enhance the care of children on the autism spectrum, and our researchers seek to understand the condition’s fundamental biology, develop tools to facilitate earlier diagnosis, and identify meaningful supports for these children. This year’s Carousel Ball celebrates the progress CHOP has made, highlights the challenges our families, researchers, and clinicians still face, and invites you to join us in discovering what’s next in our mission to help every autistic child thrive.

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